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KN95 Disposable Face Mask (5 Protective Layers)


This protective KN95 disposable face mask features 5 layers (ply) of filtration, ear loops, adjustable nose piece and a snug fit around the face.

Product Description:

5 layers of protective materials (100% new material):

  1.  1st ply: Leak proof non-woven fabric
  2. 2nd ply: Ethylene-Propylene side-by-side
  3. 3rd ply: High density filter layer
  4. 4th ply: High density filter layer
  5. 5th ply: Direct contact skin layer

Feature: High BFE/PPE, adjustable nose piece, elastic earloop, 5 ply material

Layer: 5 Ply

Packaging: 10 pcs

Certification: CE, FFP2 and FDA